kevin sun

Developer, Designer, Data Scientist

About Me

I'm a developer and designer with an interest in all things tech, graduating from Cornell University in 2022. I work on new programming languages, microscopic microchip technology, and mobile app development. I'm proficient in a variety of languages, from Kotlin and OCaml to Chinese and Japanese. On the side, I dabble in animation, graphic design, video editing, and game design. Feel free to take a look at my work below!


Cornell AppDev
Korone Game


Working on an expansive metroidvania RPG similar to Hollow Knight based on the character Inugami Korone of Hololive. Runs on the Unity game engine, with custom assets created by a dedicated team of artists and animators for a seamless blend of 2D and 3D art.

Art by klin



After enemies from the Other Side tore through the ether and corrupted the Altar of Time, Adagio, a fragile time spirit, must restore order to the world. Channel Adagio’s temporal magic, master her swift movement, and guide her through complex levels to protect her home.

Art by Yanlam Ko

Intro to Android

Intro to Android Development

I wrote and teach an introductory course on Android Development at Cornell University with my friend Lesley Huang, under course number CS 1998. We attempt to impart our knowledge of industry standard development of Android applications, along with any tips and tricks we find helpful along the way. The textbook is publicly available online for any and all to learn from, along with recordings of our lectures and demos.

Pokemon- OCaml Edition

Maximizing the graphics capabilities of a terminal for a fun little ASCII game of Pokemon. All parts of the game were written in OCaml.

Art Portfolio

Art Portfolio

I've been drawing and painting for nearly a decade now, and though there are many works that I really like, here's a sample of my favorites.